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Little Red Square.jpg

Little Red SPYING Hood

Book and Lyrics by Joshua Goldberg

Music by Joshua Goldberg and Miles Burns

80 minutes, 2 acts | flexible cast

Join us for a special news report on Grimme Falls, and a young girl who just moved to a town in turmoil. The new kid in town, Red Hood is feeling pretty lost, and between her busy mother, her senile grandma who’s convinced herself that she's a spy, and her lack of friends, she has no one to turn to. And just when it seems like things couldn't get any worse, the Mayor is framed and jailed, and his daughter Avery Woodington makes it her business to try and ruin Red’s life. With the help of the Assistant Mayor’s son, Peter Wolfe, will Red be able to save the day?


Premiered in February 2016 at the Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts in Portsmouth, NH. Directed by Joshua Goldberg.

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