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Pied Piper Square.jpg

The  Pied  Piper

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Joshua Goldberg

Additional Lyrics by Robert Browning

60 minutes, optional intermission | flexible cast

Once upon a time, in Hamelin Town…

A greedy mayor, who taxes his citizens twice a day.

Townspeople, who say “Hey, that's okay!”

A cheesemaker, responsible for the town’s famous cheese.

A family of rats, who are hungry for the cheese.

A little boy, an outcast.

A mysterious old man, hiding a secret past.

And the Pied Piper.

With his magic pipe the Pied Piper leads the rats away and saves the day, but his service comes at a price that the Mayor isn't willing to pay. What to do? Perhaps we haven’t heard the last of the Pied Piper’s tune...


Premiered in February 2017 at the Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts in Portsmouth, NH. Directed by Joshua Goldberg.

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