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Snow Day Square.jpg

Snow Day

Book by Brittney Danis with Joshua Goldberg

Music and Lyrics by Joshua Goldberg

60 minutes, optional intermission | flexible cast

On the first day of school after summer vacation, everyone wants to be friends with the new kid, Parker — especially young inventor Amelia Gordon. So when she finds out that Parker has never seen snow before, Amelia recruits her friends to help her build a snow machine! The students are thrilled by the freak snowstorm, but when Amelia’s nemesis Kate snaps the handle off the machine there’s no way to turn it off. Little do they know, that handle is actually the wand of an evil ice queen, Krystal, who uses the growing storm to prepare her snowman army to conquer the world. It’s up to Amelia, Parker, Kate, and their friends to stop Krystal and bring an end to the never-ending snow day.


Developmental reading in February 2018 at the Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts in Portsmouth, NH.

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