Salt Off A Bird's Tail (2021)


Written by Ruby Lee Lowenstein

Bennington College

Advised by Jean Randich

Bennington College

Set & Prop Design by Alicia Katz

Costume Design by Isabel Sheehan

Lighting Design by Star Freeman

Sound Design by Izzy Fenton

Photo Credit: Ellery Schiller


Alice (2019)

Director | Production Manager | Producer

Co-Designer | Additional Music & Material

Based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Book Adapted by Miles Burns

Lyrics by Miles Burns, Scott Hermenau, and Lewis Carroll

Music by Miles Burns and Scott Hermenau

Additional Music and Material by Joshua Goldberg

Bennington College

Costume & Prop Design with Liv Fassanella

Set Design with Graeme Cohen

Photo Credit: Ellery Schiller

Archival Footage Available

scene from

Peter and Alice (2019)

Director | Set, Costume, & Lighting Designer

Written by John Logan

Bennington College Directing Showcase

Overseen by Kirk Jackson


Smile (2018)

Director | Production Manager | Co-Producer

Co-Designer | Sound Op

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Marvin Hamlisch

A Student Works Production by Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts at PPMtv

Musical Direction by Julius LaFlamme

Costume and Prop Design by Izzy Stafford

Set Design by Justin Lahue

Stage Managed and Lighting Design by Nick Robbins

Advised by Seraphina Caligiure

Photo Credit: Justin Lahue

Our Friend Monica (2020)

Set Designer

Written by Eloise Gibbin

Directed by Lillie Brown

Bennington Plays Festival (unproduced due to Covid-19)


Happily Ever After (2020)

Director | Writer | Background Artist | Video Editor

Upside Arts Day Camp at The Players' Ring Theatre

Music Direction by Miles Burns

Costume and Wig Design by Seraphina Caligiure

Prop Design by Gabby Davis and Nick Tavares

Additional Backgrounds by Rachel Goldberg

Filmed Upside Arts Production Available


  • Happily Ever After - 2021, MusicalArts Academy of Music and Dance (Exeter, NH)

  • Peter Pan - 2021, Upside Arts (Portsmouth, NH)

  • Salt Off A Bird's Tail - 2021, Bennington College (Bennington, VT)

  • Happily Ever After - 2020, Upside Arts

  • Alice - 2019, Bennington College

  • Peter Pan - 2019, MusicalArts Academy of Music and Dance

  • An Oz Story - 2019, Upside Arts

  • Smile - 2018, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts (Portsmouth, NH)

  • The Pied Piper - 2017, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts

  • Little Red Spying Hood - 2016, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts

  • Candy Country - 2015, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts

  • Birds of a Feather - 2015, Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts