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An Original Musical by Joshua Goldberg
Based on the fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, and The Brothers Grimm

40 minutes | 7f, 1-5 any

Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and all their friends are content with their happily ever afters, thanks in no small part to fairy godmother Bernadette. But when a mysterious force threatens the kingdom, the princesses must join together to defeat the oncoming evil. Do they have what it takes to be true heroes and save the day? And what, really, is a happy ending?


Premiered in July 2020 by Upside Arts at The Players' Ring Theatre in Portsmouth, NH. Directed by Joshua Goldberg.

August 2021 at MusicalArts in Exeter, NH. Directed by Joshua Goldberg and Taryn Herman.



The Fairy Godmother. She’s had a hand in every princess’ success story, though it sometimes goes unacknowledged.


The only princess who wasn’t one of Bernadette’s clients; instead it was her prince, the Frog Prince. She comes from a life of luxury.


She spent years working hard for her Stepmother, so doesn’t she deserve the happy ending she’s always dreamed of?


The first of the “sleepers.” Lucky for her, the deadly poison apple only put her to sleep until true love’s kiss saved the day.


Sleeping Beauty herself. Like Snow White, true love’s kiss reversed a curse from her childhood.


Locked in a tower by Mother Gothel, she always dreamed of the world outside… and a haircut.


Against all doubts she felt a single pea through twenty mattresses, proving herself a true princess.


Once a puppet, he’s a real boy now.


The bringer of news for the Princess’ royal court.


The eyes and ears of the kingdom.


The hungry guard of a bridge over a bottomless abyss.


The tired guard of a tower in the middle of an ancient maze.


Fans of the princesses, they ignore Bernadette. Double as TROLL, DRAGON, TREES, BRIDGE, MAZE, etc


1. Hip Hip Hooray - Townsfolk

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Bernadette

3. And They All Lived - All

4. A Hero's Destiny - All

5. A Hero's Destiny (Reprise) - Princesses

6. My Own Ever After - Bernadette

7. Perfect - Gwenevieve

8. Happy Endings - Cinderella

9. Save the Day - Gweneveive, Cinderella

10. Save the Day (Reprise) - Princesses

11. Happily Ever After - All

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