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Based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Book by Joshua Goldberg
Lyrics by Joshua Goldberg and Ella McGrail
Music by Joshua Goldberg and Corrie Owens-Beauchesne

50 minutes | flexible cast

Journey with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion- and Toto too- down the Yellow Brick Road! When Dorothy is whisked away from dreary Kansas to the magical, marvelous land of Oz, she must travel to the Emerald City to see the Wizard- with helping hands and Wicked Witches around every corner! She’ll soon discover that with a little brains, heart, and courage, home is never far away. This Jr. edition features a shortened runtime, all your favorite characters, and the classic story you love.


Commissioned in summer 2020 for MusicalArts in Exeter, NH.



A Kansas farm girl who dreams of more, in search of home.


Dorothy’s faithful dog.


After a lifetime spent in the cornfield, all he wants is a brain.


After a cursed axe left him made of metal, all he wants is a heart.


The cowardly king of the forest, all he wants is some courage.


The Wizard of Oz himself. A humbug and former circus balloonist.


The Good Witch of the North, she sets Dorothy off on her journey.


Ruler of the Winkies, protective against trespassers.


The Good Witch of the South, she has the key for sending Dorothy home.


Dorothy’s Aunt, a stern but loving matriarch.


A Kansas farmer and Dorothy’s Uncle.


Ruler of the Munchkins, until she’s hit by a house.


The Tin Woodman’s long lost Munchkin love.


The Wicked Witch of the West’s reluctant right-hand man.


The genial gatekeeper to the Emerald City.


The head maid of the Wizard’s palace in the Emerald City.


The playful and efficient leader.




1. Overture

2. Better Place Than Kansas - Dorothy

3. Twister Ballet

4. Golden Road - Locasta, Munchkins

5. Journey On (1) - Locasta, Munchkins, Dorothy

6. Make Decisions - Scarecrow, Dorothy

7. Journey On (2) - Dorothy, Scarecrow

8. I Used To Love Once - Tin Woodman, Nimmie Amee

9. Journey On (3) - Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman

10. I’m A Lion (Hear Me Roar) - Lion, Forest Creatures

11. Journey On (4) - Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion

12. Great Green Walls - Oz

13. Journey On (5) - Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion

14. Shoes (Part 1) - Wicked Witch of the West

15. Home - Dorothy

16. Shoes (Part 2) - Wicked Witch of the West

17. Finale - Glinda, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion, Dorothy



Dorothy is daydreaming the day away in dry and dusty Kansas, but Aunt Em berets her and sends her off with laundry to fold. Dorothy dreams of living in the lands of her dreams (Better Place Than Kansas). A tornado approaches, and Aunt Em and Uncle Henry have to hide in the storm cellar without Dorothy. She and Toto are flung about in the tornado. Far away, in the land of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East is bossing around the Munchkins. She looks up just as Dorothy’s house lands on her.

Dorothy and Toto step out of the house, meeting the Munchkins and Locasta, the Good Witch of the North. They thank her for killing the Wicked Witch of the East, and welcome her to Oz. The Wicked Witch’s legs dry up in the sun, and Locatsa gives Dorothy the silver shoes that were on her feet. Dorothy is anxious to return to Kansas because she thinks Aunt Em and Uncle Henry will worry about her, so Locasta sends her to meet the Wizard (Golden Road) and gives her a kiss of protection. Dorothy and Toto set off on their way, down the Yellow Brick Road (Journey On-1).

Dorothy is startled by a talking Scarecrow, and helps him off his pole. He bemoans his lack of brains (Make Decisions). Dorothy invites him to join her on her quest to see the Wizard (Journey On- 2).

The travelers hear a groaning noise, and discover the Tin Woodman, rusted in place. They oil him, and he tells them of how he got there, and how he came to be made of tin (I Used To Love Once). Dorothy invites him to join them (Journey On- 3).

The forest is getting darker, when the Lion jumps out to scare them away (I’m A Lion (Hear Me Roar)). When Dorothy reprimands him for trying to bite Toto, the Lion reveals his inner cowardice. Dorothy invites him to join their group (Journey On- 4).

Far off in Winkie Country, the Wicked Witch of the West watches over her dominions as the Winkies slave away. She is startled by a bucket of water, but quickly regains her composure and resumes her post.

The travelers come upon a poppy field and, before they realize the danger, Dorothy and Toto fall asleep. The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman carry them out of the field and the Lion runs ahead.

Dorothy and friends arrive at the gates of the Emerald City, where the Guardian of the Gates welcomes them to the city and gives them green glasses to wear.

The group is admitted to see Oz (Great Green Walls). He appears as a great green head, and tells them that he will only help them if they will destroy the Wicked Witch of the West.


Dorothy and friends set out from the Emerald City for Winkie Country in the West (Journey On- 5).

The Wicked Witch spots the trespassers, and uses her golden cap for the third and final time to send the Winged Monkeys to destroy them.

The Winged Monkeys ambush the travelers on their way to the Witch’s castle. They destroy the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, tie the Lion up in the Witch’s yard to be harnessed and worked like a horse, and bring Dorothy to the Wicked Witch.

The Witch cannot harm Dorothy due to her kiss of protection, but can make Dorothy her slave- and all the while she pines after the silver shoes (Shoes- Part 1). The Lion refuses to work.

Dorothy, alone with Toto, misses Kansas, and decides she never wants to leave it again. Kansas is the only home for her (Home).

The Wicked Witch trips Dorothy with an invisible bar, and takes one of the silver shoes (Shoes- Part 2). Toto runs at the Witch, and she jabs at him with her umbrella. In anger, Dorothy throws a bucket of water at the Witch, melting her. The Winkies rejoice in their freedom, and reunite the travelers. They ask the Tin Woodman to return and rule over them, and gift Dorothy the golden cap. The friends use the golden cap to call the Winged Monkeys, who fly them to the Emerald City.

The Guardian of the Gates is surprised to see them, but admits them at once.

The travelers go to see Oz together, but this time he appears as a disembodied voice. The Lion roars angrily, scaring Toto who knocks over a screen the real Oz is hiding behind. He tells them all the story of who he is and how he got to the Land of Oz, and promises to fulfill their wishes to the best of the abilities. Oz gives the Scarecrow a brain by filling his head with bran, with pins and needles mixed in. He gives the Tin Woodman a stuffed heart by cutting a temporary hole in his tin chest. He gives the Lion courage as liquid in a bottle. Finally, he decides he is going to go with Dorothy back to Kansas in a hot air balloon.

Oz says goodbye to his subjects, and leaves the Scarecrow as their leader. But before Dorothy can get in the basket, he floats away. They call the Winged Monkeys to have them carry Dorothy home, but they cannot cross outside the Land of Oz. The Soldier With the Green Whiskers suggests that Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, can help them. They call the Winged Monkeys for the third and final time to carry them to her castle.

Glinda hears Dorothy’s plea, and instructs her that her silver shoes can carry her back to Kansas (Golden Road Reprise). Dorothy realizes that she doesn’t want to go to Kansas: she wants to go home.

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