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Book by Brittney Danis with Joshua Goldberg
Music and Lyrics by Joshua Goldberg

60 minutes, optional intermission | flexible cast

On the first day of school after summer vacation, everyone wants to be friends with the new kid, Parker — especially young inventor Amelia Gordon. So when she finds out that Parker has never seen snow before, Amelia recruits her friends to help her build a snow machine! The students are thrilled by the freak snowstorm, but when Amelia’s nemesis Kate snaps the handle off the machine there’s no way to turn it off. Little do they know, that handle is actually the wand of an evil ice queen, Krystal, who uses the growing storm to prepare her snowman army to conquer the world. It’s up to Amelia, Parker, Kate, and their friends to stop Krystal and bring an end to the never-ending snow day.


Developmental reading in February 2018 at the Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts in Portsmouth, NH.


AMELIA GORDON - a headstrong innovator, very determined, and won’t take no for an answer. She wants to impress Parker

HANK I. SICLE - a talking snowman, he used to work for Krystal but stole her wand (doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, doesn’t think much)

KRYSTAL - a magical and evil snow queen, she wants it to always be winter so she has power (VERY over the top)

ASPEN - Hank’s loyal snowdog

KATE WESTON - she wants to be the best at everything, she doesn’t like Amelia

CALLIE FINCH - one of Amelia’s best friends. Very loud, doesn’t care what people think of her.

JACK RYANS - Amelia’s other best friend. The only boy in their group of friends, so he pretty much just goes with the flow and what the girls do.

CODY WALSH - Kate’s friend, he lets her drag him around

PARKER REED - the new kid. Very quiet, no one really knows much about him. he has never seen snow

KENZIE WESTON - Kate’s younger sister, she thinks Amelia is really cool

MR. REGINALD HOLSON - a grumpy old man who lives next door to Amelia

SNOWMAN 1, 2, 3, & 4 - Krystal’s minions


MR. FAUCE - a fifth grade teacher at Martin Elementary

SUPERINTENDENT EDWARDS - the superintendent of Martin Elementary

WEATHERMAN - on TV, unable to explain the sudden snowstorms


1. Prologue

2. Back In School - Amelia, Kate, School Kids

3. The New Kid - Amelia, Cody, Callie, Jack, Kate, School Kids

4. The New Kid (Reprise 1) - Amelia

5. Snow Day 1 - Amelia, Mr. Holson, Cody, Callie, Jack, Kate, Parker, Kenzie, School Kids

6. Snow Day 2 - School Kids

7. Blizzard Wizard - Krystal, Snowmen

8. Entr'acte

9. Blizzard Wizard (Reprise 1) - Krystal, Snowmen

10. The New Kid (Reprise 2) - Amelia

11. That's What It's All About - Amelia, Cody, Callie, Jack, Kate

12. Blizzard Wizard (Reprise 2) - Krystal

13. Finale - All



Hank I. Sicle, a snowman, is trying to escape the castle and work of his evil boss Krystal. While Krystal and her evil snowmen are asleep, Hank flees from the castle with Krystal’s wand. Krystal awakens to find Hank and the wand gone, as the castle begins to melt.

It’s the first day of school, and all the kids are talking about their summer vacation. Amelia, Callie, and Jack reunite and Kate does her part to antagonize Amelia, dragging Cody along. She always has to one-up Amelia, especially when it comes to their shared passion of inventing (Back In School). They all notice Parker, the new kid, and want to know everything about him (The New Kid).

Mr. Fauce introduces Parker to the fifth grade class. They go around in a circle and each share a fact about themselves. Parker shares that, since he’s from Georgia, he can’t wait to see snow for the first time. Amelia decides to make a snow machine to impress Parker (The New Kid- Reprise 1).

Amelia, Callie, and Jack work on the snow machine in Amelia’s garage, but her grumpy neighbor Mr. Holson yells at them for making too much noise. They are only missing an handle to turn it on with, and Amelia finds a golden stick laying in a puddle. Kate stops by with Kenzie, who is amazed by the machine. Amelia pulls the handle but nothing happens. Callie and Jack leave, and a disappointed Amelia goes inside for dinner. In the darkness, it begins to work.

Superintendent Edwards makes an announcement that there is a snow day. The kids all dance and play in the streets during the freak blizzard. The Weatherman is mystified. Mr. Holson is very grumpy about having to shovel (Snow Day 1). Amelia turns off machine before going to bed. We see Mr. Holson tinkering at his work bench, frustrated.

At school the next day everyone talking about how awesome the blizzard was, but Amelia’s happiness about her snow success quickly changes when she sees Parker hanging out with Kate. Callie and Jack quiet the class when they tells them that Amelia is the one who made the blizzard. Everyone just laughs, and Kate mocks her. Amelia invites the class to her garage after school so she can prove herself.

Amelia unveils the snow machine for her class. When she pulls the handle and it doesn’t work right away Kate mocks her and yanks on the handle, breaking it off. It blows away in the wind. Kate, Cody, and the other kids go home.

The kids wake up to more snow than they know what to do with. Kenzie, again, is impressed by Amelia and her creation. Jack and Callie congratulate Amelia, but she knows that without the handle to turn it off they’re all in deep trouble. Mr. Holson tinkers at his work bench, and goes out to his yard with a blow dryer and extension cord to melt the snow. After a week of snow days, even the schoolkids tire of the snow (Snow Day 2). Only Parker, Kate, and Cody answer Amelia and her friends’ call for help.

Mr. Holson comes out to yell at them when they’re all surprised by Hank and Aspen, his homemade snow dog, appearing out of the snow. Kate, Cody, and Mr. Holson faint in fear. Hank asks for help locating Krystal’s magic wand, which matches the description of Amelia’s handle. Kate and Cody awaken in time to hear Hank tell them all about Krystal and her evil plans to make everything winter, all the time. They rush off to find the wand, and we realize Mr. Holson has been awake and listening the whole time.

In Krystal’s castle, her Snowmen henchmen are playing go-fish when her wand flies in through the window. With wand back in hand, Krystal can begin to enact her evil plans (Blizzard Wizard).


As they near Krystal’s castle, Hank, Amelia, and friends hide from the marching Snowmen. They notice that the ice castle has been fully refrozen, meaning that Krystal already has the wand.

Sneaking into the castle they come face to face with Krystal, who refuses to hear their pleas about Amelia’s machine. When Parker sneakily grabs the wand she locks him in the ice box, and puts Hank in a crockpot for stealing it in the first place. She threatens the remaining team, and they run off (Blizzard Wizard- Reprise 1).

Amelia, with Aspen beside her, laments the loss of her friends. She feels like she let Parker down, but realizes that they have to act fast if they want to save him and Hank (The New Kid- Reprise 2). Callie, Jack, Cody, and Kate rush in, and together they come up with an idea for a heat device to weaken Krystal.

Back in Amelia’s Garage, the friends are still freaking about what happened to Parker. Kate and Amelia finally work together to build the device, with the input of the others. Kenzie comes in and wants to help, but Kate tells her she can’t help with this project. They all begin to pass the blame for the snowstorm and the freezing, but Amelia keeps them focused on working together and they finish the heat device (That’s What It’s All About). As they set off again for Krystal’s castle we see Mr. Holson following in silhouette, with what appears to be a hair dryer and extension cord.

At the ice castle, Hank is quickly melting. The kids march in, and after trying to reason with Krystal one more time, throw the heat device at her- but she freezes it and it shatters mid air! She’s about to freeze them all (Blizzard Wizard- Reprise 2) when Mr. Holson crashes in and melts Krystal with his blow dryer. He melts Parker, and the kids all thank him. He reveals that he used to be an inventor when he was younger, and Amelia’s work inspired him to try again. Hank uses the wand to reform himself and free the other Snowmen from their evil duties, and everyone sets off to turn off the snow machine.

Amelia reattaches the handle, and Kate turns off the machine. Hank, Aspen, and the Snowmen say goodbye and head back to the ice castle, with the wand. Parker is glad to be friends with Amelia, and Kate asks her to team up for the science fair, with Kenzie’s help. All the students are excited to be going back to school (Finale). Parker mentions that he’s always wanted to be in the eye of a tornado, and Amelia gets an idea…

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